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Alphabet Abacus

Alphabet Abacus

Alphabet Abacus

Model: 6943478003347
Price: $26.95 CAD

Alphabet Abacus

There are 36 double-sided wooden tiles for the toddler to flip.  The flipping satisfies a child's curiosity of what's on the other side of a tile.Each of the first 26 tiles is painted with an uppercase alphabet and on the other side a picture and the word for that picture.  The word is chosen to starts with that alphabet.
Each of the rest of the 10 tiles is painted with a number and the spelled word of that number.
With knowing it the flipping, a child is pairing up an alphabet to a first word and a number to its written word.

Tile size: 3.3 x 3.3 x 1.3 cm or 1.31 x 1.31 x 0.5"
Abacus size: 12.6" x 4.72" x 10.04"
For Ages 3 - 5

Internal Use:  SNg 2014Jun12