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Double Down - Game

Double Down - Game

Double Down - Game

Model: 853533008100
Price: $13.95 CAD

Double Down - Game
The Game Where Doubles Are Trouble
This simple, yet satisfying, card game makes a little math go a long way. 
Players take turns adding cards to the stack, increasing the total as they play. 
Every time they double down (make a total of 11, 22, 33, etc.) or go over 99 they lose a chip. 
Action cards double the fun, switching the direction of play or forcing other players to play an extra card. 
As the total rises so does the tension, until the last player holding a chip wins the game.
Easy-to-learn rules, but plenty of strategy.
Terrific for adults; reinforces basic math for kids.
- 55 Linen-finish Cards
- 24 Scoring Chips
- Ilustrated Instructions
Number of players : 2-8
Playing time : 30 minutes
For ages : 8 - 99