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E-Z Grammar Self-Teaching Manual

E-Z Grammar Self-Teaching Manual

E-Z Grammar Self-Teaching Manual

Model: 9780764142611
Price: $15.99 CAD


E-Z Grammar Self-Teaching Manual

An in-depth subject review to help you improve your English grammar.
Parts of speech and how to put them together in well structured sentences.
Filled with practice questions and test with answers.

1. The Sentence
2. Parts of Speech
3. Phrases
4. Clauses
5. The Verb
6. Review of Chapters 1-5
7. Types of Sentences
8. Coordination and Subordination
9. References and Pronouns
10. Agreement: Subject-Verb, Pronoun-Antecedent
11. Parallel Structure
12. Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers
13. Sentence Variety
14. Cumulative Reviewed Test for Chapters 2-13
15. Manual of Usage
16. Writing the Paragraph
17. Developing One's Style
18. Standardized Test
19. A Handbook of Mechanics-Punctuation an Capitalization
20. A Word of Two Words of Spelling
21. "The Final" or "The Beginning"

Appendix 1: Answers
Appendix 2: A List of Prepositions
Appendix 3: A Partial List of Irregular Verbs
Appendix 4: Bits and Pieces

For high school and College 101 level