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Las Reina 23.6" Paola Reina Doll - Mei

Las Reina 23.6" Paola Reina Doll - Mei

Las Reina 23.6" Paola Reina Doll - Mei

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Las Reina 23.6" Paola Reina Doll - Mei

Welcome to the world of Paola Reina dolls. 

Entirely handcrafted in Spain using only the finest European materials

Paola Reina’s dedication to high quality dolls can be seen in each doll’s hand painted facial features, eloquent sparkling eyes, lush hair and eyelashes, and detailed clothes and accessories. The vinyl dolls are soft to the touch, yet durable allowing the dolls to withstand all the love and adoration given to them. 

Las Reina 23.6" Paola Reina Dolls (Reina means Queen) are the top line of the Paola Reina dolls family.  They all have articulating arms, legs, heads, and joints; their knees and elbows bend and their wrists and feet can turn.  They can be placed in either a standing or seated position.  These charmingly beautiful handmade dolls have large eloquent eyes, which do not close and are trimmed with lush eyelashes.  Their life-like hair can easily be brushed and styled.  These vinyl dolls are soft to the touch yet durable, feature Paola Reina’s light vanilla scent and are phthalate free.  All Las Reinas dolls stand 23.6inch (60cm) in height. 

Made 100% in Spain.  Sold in over 33 countries.


For ages 3 - 14.