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McGraw-Hill Ryerson Chemistry 11 - Student Textbook

McGraw-Hill Ryerson Chemistry 11 - Student Textbook

McGraw-Hill Ryerson Chemistry 11 - Student Textbook

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The McGraw-Hill Ryerson Chemistry 11 - Student Textbook supports the Ontario Ministry of Education course: Chemistry, Grade 11, University Preparation, 
Course Code: SCH3U
It has these units and chapters:
Unit 1 Matter, Chemical Trends, and Chemical Bonding
- Elements and the Periodic Table
  (The Nature of Atoms, The Periodic Table, Explaining Periodic Trends)
- Chemical Bonding
  (The Formation of Ionic and Covalent Bonds, Writing Names and Formulas for Ionic and Molecular Compounds, Comparing the Properties of Ionic and Molecular 
Unit 2 Chemical Reactions
- Synthesis, Decomposition, and Combustion Reactions
  (Writing Chemical Reactions, Synthesis Reactions and Decomposition Reactions, Combusiton Reactions)
- Displacement Reactions
  (Single Displacement Reactions, Double Displacement Reactions, Reactions in Industry)
Unit 3 Quantities in Chemical Reactions
- The Mole: A Chemist's Counter
  (The Mole and The Avogadro Constant, Mass and The Mole)
- Proportions in Chemical Compounds
  (Chemical Proportions and Percentage Composition, Empirical and Molecular Formulas)
- Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry
  (What is Stoichiometry?, Limiting and Excess Reactants, Reaction Yields)
Unit 4 Solutions and Solubility
- Solutions and Their Properties
  (Classifying Solutions, Factors That Affect Solubility and Rate of Disolving, Concentrations of Solutions, Preparation of Solutions in the Laboratory)
- Reactions in Aqueous Solutions
  (Net Ionic Equations and Qualitative Analysis, Solution Stoichiometry, Water Quality, Water Treatment)
- Acids and Bases
  (Arrhenius Acids and Bases, Neutralization Reactions and Acid-base Titrations) 
Unit 5 Gases and Atmospheric Chemistry
- Properties of Gases
  (Gases: Properties and Behaviour, Gases and Pressure Changes, Gases and Temperature Changes)
- Exploring the Gas Laws
  (The Combined Gas Law, The Ideal Gas Law, Atomspheric Gases and Air Quality)
For each chapter, there are Summary, Review and Self-Assessment.
For each unit, there are Preparation, Projects, Summary, Review and Self-Assessment.
Answers to selected questions and Problems are given at the end of the textbook.
681 pages