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Playmobil #9278 - Mobile Pet Groomer

Playmobil #9278 - Mobile Pet Groomer

Playmobil #9278 - Mobile Pet Groomer

Model: 4008789092786
Price: $32.95 CAD


Playmobil #9278 - Mobile Pet Groomer

The Mobile Pet Groomer's car is equipped with a trailer hitch and is NOT RC compatible. All accessories and tools can be stored in the car's trunk. The car's roof is removable and there are seats for two figures. At the edge of the folding table, you can attach a rotating support rod for the dog leash, the towel holder, and a basket for grooming accessories.  The head of the poodle can be moved up and down, while the hind legs can be folded into the sitting position. The attachable fur pieces can be removed and thus be cut while grooming as part of playing Groomer.  The head fur can be embellished with a decorative accessory. In the two-piece box you can store the four different decorative accessories, each of which is contained in pairs.

Dimensions (LxWxH) cm: 18 x 10 x 9

For Ages 4-10.

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