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Settlers Of Catan, The

Settlers Of Catan, The

Settlers Of Catan, The

Model: 29877030613
Price: $54.95 CAD

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The Settlers of Catan is a popular game among the high school and college ages students. A strategy games for 3 - 4 players, awarded the "Game of the Year" in Germany, the United States, and a host of other countries worldwide.

Embark on a quest to settle the isle of Catan! Guide your settlers to victory by clever trading and skillful development. Use resource combinations - grain, wool, ore, brick, and lumber - to build settlements and cites.

The game board is built from groups of hexagonal cards depicting landscapes of certain regional characteristics, like plains, meadows, maountains, hills, forests and deserts. These 19 game board cards are shuffled before each game and placed together to form the game board. Hence a new game board play each time.
Numbered tokens are then placed on each hexagonal game board card (except the desert game board card) to identify each game board card to the roll of dice.

To start the game, each player is given 2 settlement pieces and 2 wooden road pieces to place on the game board. After that, each player each turn to roll two six-sided number dice. If the player has settlement(s) on the card board cards which token number matches the number rolled, he/she will receive a resource card corresponding to the resource game board card to be used in building future settlements.

With certain resource cards, a settlement can be converted to become a city which earn more reward cards than a settlement. The settlements, cities and others have their respective game points. The player who reaches the set winning game point wins the game.

19 unique hexagonal region tiles, 6 sea frame pieces, 9 extra harbor pieces, 30 wooden settlement pieces, 16 wooden city pieces, 60 wooden road pieces, 95 resource cards, 25 development cards, 4 building cost cards, 18 die-cut number tokens, 2 six-sided dice, 1 wooden robber pawn, and full-color rules & almanac.

Recommended for ages 13-113. For 3 - 4 players. Game time about 60 minutes.