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Model: 8717344310178
Price: $19.95 CAD

Zoologic is a logic and deduction mind game with 5 levels of play so that as young as 5 years old can start and adults can have their challenges as well. They are presented in a more junvenile design so that young children can relate to it.
It comes in a plastic console to place the spiral bound logic game book and the plastic tiles of animals/foods to play it out on the game. Each page of the logic game book shows a set up of animals and/or foods with some empty spaces among them. It also shows and the types of animals and/or foods that are required to place on the spaces of the set up so that all logic requirements are met.
An animal cannot be placed besides its favorite food, (for examples, a dog not with a bone, a cat not with a fish, a mouse not with a cheese) or besides its rival, (for example, a mouse not besides a cat).
There are 60 logic puzzles to be solved.

For ages 5 - adults.