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Eco Science Toys

Eco Science Toys

Eco Science Toys

Model: 4893156032874
Price: $16.95 CAD


Eco Science Toys

Make 7 eco science toys making use of recycling materials: Space sound walkie talkie, CD racer, Gravity robot, Hover disc, Shopping bag parachute, Cartesian diver and Tornado tube.

Contents: walking structure for use in the Gravity robot, can holder, moving eyes, cap connector, 2 bottle caps, mouth peice, CD connector,balloon, 2 tube ends, 2 rubble bands, hook, dropper, 3 copper washers, 6 plastic weights, score label, elastic silver string, nuts, wooden bead, pipe cleaner, string, double adhesive tape and detail instructions.  Not provided are recycling materials of drink can, 3 plastic bottles, 3 CD, 2 paper cups, shopping bag and 1 toilet paper roll's cardboard core.

For ages 8 - 12.