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Playmobil > "1.2.3"

Playmobil 1.2.3 toys is one of the best role play toys for children ages 18months - 5 years.

It covers a lot of play topics like
police, fire fighting, construction, city life, transportation, farm life, zoo,
doll house, Christmas, and more.

All the play sets can be all played together because they are of the same size scale.

They are big pieces for the toddlers.
The bright colors, rounded shapes, and simple clear design appeals to the beginning level of learning of the toddlers.
The toys are color fast, easily washible, and contain no small choking parts.

Each Playmobil 1.2.3 figure have full articulation on the head, and lower body.
The head can turn in full half circle from left to right, or right to left.
The lower body can be bended to sit or stand.

It is a good toy because every new piece additon to an existing collection will enlarge the play scope and creativity.