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Hi Samuel,
I just wanted to let you know that we received our package yesterday, just in time for Christmas! Thanks for all your careful attention to verifying the order options with us, and have a Happy Holiday Season!

Best regards,
Jason Bartley

Dear Samuel, Thank you for your quick reply. You will make an happy little girl on Christmas. I have no problem with the shipping and handling fees. These are understandable and quite reasonable. So $128.47 is OK. I really appreciate your great communication. I won't forget your store on my next purchases.


Thank you.. it arrived today and I have a very happy child right now. Wonderful delivery and communication service - a rare commodity in our lives today.  Very impressed with you and your company.  Great Price, Fantastic customer service - means I will always recommend you and will definitely shop with you again, so thank you so very much.

Have a wonderful summer too, and thank you for putting an excited smile on my 5 year old sons face today - priceless.

Julie Fiore

Hello Samuel!
Thank you so much for contacting me regarding the "Magnetic Quilt" I was trying to order.  I placed my order with you today and I can't wait to receive my package.  Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service!  You have gone above and beyond so far by contacting me and working to get the item back on your web site so I can order it. 

Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful new year!
Cathy Owen

I received my "Magnetic Quilt" on Wednesday and I love it!  Thank you for all your help with this order!  If I have future needs, I'll be sure to visit your web site.

Thank you,
Cathy Owen