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Learn To Read as easy as 1-2-3.

Any one who knows the upper and lower case alphabets can start with this reading program, whether the learner is a 2 years old or an 88 years old senior. By learning the key words or high frequency words first, anyone can read most text of a book in a short time.

This Key Words reading program has 12 levels. Each level has 3 books, books "a", "b", "c".

Book "a" adds new vocabulary to each level.

Book "b" uses the same set of vacabulary as in book "a", but presents a new story with new illustration. If a student has learned to read the "a" book by recognizing the individual words, he would be able to read the "b" book on the first time, though slow, with minimal help if not no help at all. The satisfaction of able to read a new book on first time with minimal help will motivate the student to read more. Each "b" book is also used to find out if the student is reading the book by memorizing the whole story and not by recognizing the individual words. The student should be commended for the memorizing skills. At the same time, we want to be sure that the student is able to recognize the individuals words.

(P.S. If the student is unable to read the "b" book with minimal help on the first time, you can play word games with the student and try reading the "b" book again. Make flash cards by writing the new words of that level on blank playing cards. Then place a few cards word up and ask the student to pick the card of the word you call out. When the student know them well, replace some cards with other cards (not all at once) and do again.)

Book "c" goes beyond reading skills to learning to write, simple reading comprehension and (starting level "4",) learning to read by phonics.

The reccommendation is to follow the order of the Key Words reading program: "1a", "1b", "1c"; "2a", "2b", "2c"; "3a", "3b", "3c"; "4a", . . . .

The print size of Level "1" books are quite large with a few words or sentences per page. As the level goes up, the print size gets smaller and the words per page increases. By Level "4", the student would have master 120 high frequency words and getting used to print size of most children books. So encourage the student to read other children books.

Keep up with the success and momentum of reading by continuing on until Book "12c", the student can enjoy the stories as well as learning more key words.



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