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Spectrum Writing Grade 6 - Workbook

Spectrum Writing Grade 6 - Workbook

Spectrum Writing Grade 6 - Workbook

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Spectrum Writing Grade 6 - Workbook
Lesson 1  The Writing Process
Lesson 2  Purposes for Writing
Lesson 3  Audience
Lesson 4  Write a Paragraph
Lesson 5  Main Ideas and Details
Lesson 6  Staying on Topic
Lesson 7  Active Voice
Chapter I Writing a Story
Lesson 1  Sensory Details
Lesson 2  Adjectives and Adverbs
Lesson 3  Describing Objects
Lesson 4 The Writing Process: Descriptive Writing
Lesson 5  Personal Narrative
Lesson 6  Sequence of Events
Lesson 7  The Writing Process: Personal Narrative
Lesson 8  Parts of a Story
Lesson 9   Setting
Lesson 10  Characters
Lesson 11  Dialogue
Lesson 12  Point of View
Lesson 13  Story Ideas
Lesson 14  The Writing Process: Story
Chapter II  Writing to Inform
Lesson 1  Explanatory Writing
Lesson 2  Directions
Lesson 3  The Writing Process: How-To Instructions
Lesson 4  Cause - and - Effect Relationships 
Lesson 5  Report and Event
Lesson 6  Spatial Organization
Lesson 7  The Language of Comparison
Lesson 8  Comparing Characters
Lesson 9  The Writing Process: Comparing Literature
Lesson 10  Informational Writing
Lesson 11  Reliable Sources
Lesson 12  Summaries, Quotes, and Paraphrases
Lesson 13  Taking Notes
Lesson 14  Using an Outline
Lesson 15  Works Cited
Lesson 16  Graphics and Visual Aids
Lesson 17  The Writing Process: Informational Writing
Chapter III  Writing an Argument
Lesson 1  Persuasive Writing
Lesson 2  Facts and Opinions
Lesson 3  Emotional Appeals
Lesson 4  Advertising
Lesson 5  Facts, Opinions, and Bias
Lesson 6  Order of Importance
Lesson 7  Writing about Problems and Solutions
Lesson 8  Identifiying and Making a Claim
Lesson 9  The Writing Process: Argument
Writer's Handbook that has the key information, and answers to the practice activities are at the end of the workbook.
The workbook aligns to USA State & National Standards.
136 pages