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Abalone Classic

Abalone Classic

Abalone Classic

Model: 8717344310581
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Abalone Classic

Strategy game for 2 players, simple rule.

Players compete to be the first to push six of their opponents marbles off the board.

At a player's turn, he or she can push one, two or three marbles of his or her marbles that are together in a straight line side by side one space forward if there is nothing blocking them or 
the same by one row laterally if there is nothing blocking them.

If a player, say player "A" at his or her turn is pushing 2 marbles and the opponent, say player "B" has only one marble in front of player "A" 's pushed marbles, player "B" 's marble is pushed back and if that marble is at the edge of the playing area, it can be pushed off the playing area and became a losing marble, and six of such losing marbles means player "B" lose the game.ame of the Decade" Golden Ace - Cannes, France 1998

Seal of Excellence - Consumer Guide - Canada 1998Mensa Award - USA 1990