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E-Z Algebra Self-Teaching Manual

E-Z Algebra Self-Teaching Manual

E-Z Algebra Self-Teaching Manual

Model: 9780764142574
Price: $19.99 CAD


E-Z Algebra Self-Teaching Manual

An in-depth subject topic review to help you attain a higher grade in high school and college-level Algebra.
Filed with pretests and trial tests throughout.
Include charts, graphs, diagrams, and instructive ilustrations.

1. Rules of Behavior for Numbers
2. Equations
3. Negative Numbers and Integers
4. Fractions and Rational Numbers
5. Exponents
6. Roots and Real Numbers
7. Algebraic Expressions
8. Functions
9. Graphs
10. Systems of Two Equations
11. Quadratic Equations
12. Circles, Ellipses, and Parabolas
13. Polynomials
14. Exponential Functions and Logarithms
15. Simultaneous Equations and Matrices
16. Series
17. Permutations, Combinations, and the Binomial Formula
18. Proofs by Mathematical Induction
19. Imaginary Numbers

Answers to Exercises
Appendix: Note About Rounding
Appendix: Computers

For high school and college 101 level.