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Brighter Child Reading Grade 4

Brighter Child Reading Grade 4

Brighter Child Reading Grade 4

Model: 9780769676746
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Brighter Child Reading Grade 4 is a workbook or drill book 
with colorful illustrated activities pages to practice the reading skills.
The featured activities:
- Syllables
- Synonyms and antonyms
- Homophones
- Common, proper, and plural nouns
- Verb tenses
- Irregular and helping verbs
- Subject and predicate
- Adjectives and adverbs
- Conjunctions
- Punctuation
- Sentences and paragraphs
- Following directions, recognizing details, and reading schedules
- Facts, opinions, nonfiction, and fiction
- Analogies and similes
- Dictionary and library skills
Great for use as homework supplement and to reinforce basic reading skills. 
It aligns to USA State & National Standards.
Answers provided at the end of the workbook.
80 pages