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Complete Math Smart Grade 12

Complete Math Smart Grade 12

Complete Math Smart Grade 12

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Complete Math Smart Grade 12

Section 1 - Advanced Functions

                  Tests on Polynomial Functions, Polynomial Equations and Inequalities, Rational Functions, Trigonometric

                   Functions, Trigonometric Equations, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Rates of Change and 

                   Combining Functions.

Section  2 - Calculus and Vectors

                    Tests on Limits, Derivatives and Their Applications, Curve Sketching, Derivatives of Exponential and 

                    Trigonometric Functions, Vectors, Applications of Vectors, Equations of Lines and Planes, and Points,

                    Lines, and Planes.

Section 3 - Mathematics of Data Management

                   Tests on One-variable Statistics, Two-variable Statistics, Permutations and Counting, Combinations 

                   and Binomial Theorem, Probability, Probability Distribution, and Normal Distribution.


It includes Cumulative Tests, Handy Reference and Answers.