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Complete Science Smart Grade 3

Complete Science Smart Grade 3

Complete Science Smart Grade 3

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Complete Science Smart Grade 3

This book has 4 sections :-

Unit 1 - Understanding Life System

          It contains Plants and Their Needs, Parts of Plants, Plant Survival Experiment, Plant Growth,

          How we use Plants, and Protecting Plants.

Unit 2 - Understanding Structures  and Mechanisms,

          It contains Structures, Forces Acting on Structures, Strength and Stability Experiments, Structures

          and Materials, Bridges, and Structures and us.

Unit 3 - Understanding Matter and Energy 

          It contains Forces-Push and Pull, Contact and Non-Contact Forces, Forces and Movement Experiment,

           Friction, Forces in Nature, and Forces in our Lives.

Unit 4 - Understanding Earth and Space Systems

         It contains Soil, Kinds of Soil, Uses of Soil Experiment, Compost, Living and non-living Things in Soil,

         and Soils and Society.

All the above units come with Experiment, Review, Scientists at Work and Cool Science Facts.

Answers are provided with Trivia Questions.