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Complete Science Smart Grade 6

Complete Science Smart Grade 6

Complete Science Smart Grade 6

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Complete Science Smart Grade 6

This book has 4 sections :-

Unit 1 - Understanding Life Systems

          It contains Biodiversity, Classification, Biodiversity and Communities Experiments, Biodiversity

         Connections, Human Activities and Biodiversity, and Biodiversity Threads and Solutions.

Unit 2 - Understanding Structures  and Mechanisms

          It contains Properties of Air, Four Forces of Flight, Flight-Moving Through Air Experiment,

         Bernoulli's Principle, Living Things and Flight, and Flight and Society.

Unit 3 - Understanding Matter and Energy

          It contains Current and Static Electricity, Simple Electrical Circuits, Parallel and Series Circuits Experiment,

         Insulators and Conductors, Transformation of Energy, and Electricity and Us.

Unit 4 - Understanding Earth and Space Systems

          It contains The Solar System, Bodies in Motion, Lights in the Sky Experiment, Humans in Space, 

         Technology and Space, and Space Exploration and Society. 

All the above units come with Experiment, Review, Scientists at Work and Cool Science Facts.

Answers are provided with Trivia Questions.