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Fanta Color Junior Basic

Fanta Color Junior Basic

Fanta Color Junior Basic

Model: 8007905041956
Price: $35.95 CAD


Fanta Color Junior Basic
48 colorful large pegs (face up like jumbo Smarties) for children as young as toddler to engage in creative play and designs.
16 patterns/designs on double sided cards can each be placed under the transparent grid board that has 48 holes equally spaced out in 6 rows to secure the push-in pegs. Children learn by modelling after the patterns and can do their own design. Younger players may find it enjoyable just by placing a row of same color pegs and then another row of another colors and so on. It's open play. The board can be prop up with brackets included.

Made in Italy by Quercetti.

Recommended for ages 2 - 6.