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French Smart - Grade 7

French Smart - Grade 7

French Smart - Grade 7

Model: 9781897457528
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French Smart - Grade 7

Developed specifically for children learning French as a second language, FrenchSmart helps supplement and consolidate what your child has learned at school in a systematic way. The engaging activities cover the major areas in learning French: vocabulary building, grammar, reading, and usage. Illustrations in English are provided where needed to ensure that your child learns with confidence.


Unité 1 Les sports (Sports)

Unité 2 La vie marine (Marine Life)

Unité 3 L'impératif (The Imperative)

Unité 4 La trchnologie et l'Internet (Technology ang Internet)

Unité 5 Le monde (The World)

Unité 6   Au jardin (In the Garden)

Unité 7 La fête (The Party) 

Unité 8 Quand? Où? Comment? (When? Where? How?)

            La révision 1 (Revision 1) 

Unité 9 Le magasinage (Shopping)

Unité 10 Les verbes du 3 groupe (Verbs from the 3 Group)

Unité 11 Le journal  (The Newspaper)

Unité 12 Les nombres : de 1 à 1000 (Numbers: 1 to 1000)

Unité 13 Au musée (At the Museum)

Unité 14 Les médias (The Media)

Unité 15 Le transport (Transportation) 

Unité 16 L'art et la culture (Art and Culture)

              La révision 2 (Revision 2) 

Answers at end of workbook.

Soft cover, 8¼" X 11¼", 120 Pages