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Nelson Literacy 5c - Student Textbook

Nelson Literacy 5c - Student Textbook

Nelson Literacy 5c - Student Textbook

Model: 9780176291112
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Nelson Literacy 5c - Student Textbook is one of the 3 books set, 
which is: 
Nelson Literacy 5a - Student Textbook, 

Nelson Literacy 5b - Student Textbook, 
Nelson Literacy 5c - Student Textbook.

The set is approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education for the Grade 5 English Language course.

Author Team: Jennette MacKenzie, Miriam Trehearne, Carmel Crévola

Nelson Literacy 5c - Student Textbook is full of fascinating stories and articles.  Many of the topics are the same as those that the student will come across in their science, social studies and health study units.

It has 4 units.

Literature Unit: Humour
In this unit, the student will:
- retail a story;
- identify characteristics of humourous stories;
- write effective dialogue;
- express supported opinions in movie reviews;
- speak with expression.

Science Unit 1: Forces Acting on Structures
this unit, the student will:

- make inferences;
- identify characteristics of sidebars;
- vary sentence length in your writing;
- identify elements of online magazine;

- learn about forces acting on structures.

Social Studies Unit: Character Education - Making a Difference
In this unit, the student will:
- make judgements about how authors communicate messages;
- identify characteristics of problem-and-solution text pattern;
- revise and edit your writing;
- identify point of view in media texts;
- communicate to solve problems;
- learn about ways to make a difference.

Science Unit 2: Natural Forces
In this unit, the student will:
- identify characteristics of compare-and-contrast text pattern;
- identify the conventions of news broadcasts;
- synthesize information;
- use photos in your writing;
- give an oral report;
- learn about natural forces.

Throughout the book, the student will learn the strategies on reading, writing, speaking, listening and media literacy, and trying out these strategies.

Full colors, 128 pages.