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Nelson Principles of Mathematics 9 Textbook

Nelson Principles of Mathematics 9 Textbook

Nelson Principles of Mathematics 9 Textbook

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The Nelson Principles of Mathematics 9 Textbook supports the Ontario Ministry of Education course: Principles of Mathematics, Grade 9, Academic, Course Code: MPM1D

Chapter 1: Rational Numbers
  1.1 Addition and Subtraction of Mixed Numbers
  1.2 Multiplication and Division of Mixed Numbers
  1.3 Interger Operations with Powers
  1.4 Rational Numbers
  1.5 Rational Number Operations
  1.6 Powers of Rational Numbers
Chapter 2: Powers and Polynomials
  2.1 Representing Powers Up to Degree 3
  2.2 Multiplying and Dividing Powers
  2.3 Power of a Power
  2.4 Adding and Subtraction Polynomials
  2.5 Multiplying a Polynomial by a Monomial
  2.6 Simplying Polynomial Expressions
Chapter 3: Linear Relations
  3.1 Relations
  3.2 Exploring Linear Relations
  3.3 Investigating Properties of Linear Relations
  3.4 Equivalent Linear Relations
  3.5 Linear and Nonlinear Relations
Chapter 4: Linear Equations
  4.1 Interpreting the Solution of a Linear Equation
  4.2 Solving Linear Equations Using Inverse Operatons
  4.3 Equation-Solving Strategies
  4.4 Solving for a Variable in a Linear Equation
  4.5 Solving a Linear System Graphically
Chapter 5: Analytic Geometry
  5.1 Exploring the Equation of a Line
  5.2 Different Forms of the Equation of a Line
  5.3 Slope of a Line
  5.4 Using Points to Determine the Equation of a Line
  5.5 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Chapter 6: Investigating Relationships
  6.1 Interpreting Data
  6.2 Lines of Best Fit
  6.3 Curves of Best Fit
  6.4 Reasoning About Data
  6.5 Describing Situations From Graphs
Chapter 7: Properties of 2-D Figures
  7.1 Exploring Interior Angles of Polygons
  7.2 Angles Properties of Polygons
  7.3 Exploring Quadrilateral Diagonal Properties
  7.4 Reasoning About Triangle and Quadrilateral Properties
  7.5 Reasoning About Properties of Polygons
Chapter 8: Measurement
  8.1 Determining Optimum Area and Perimeter
  8.2 Problems Involving Composite Shapes
  8.3 The Pythagorean Theorem
  8.4 Surface Area of Right Pyramids and Cones
  8.5 Volumes of Pyramids and Cones
  8.6 Volume and Surface Area of a Sphere
  8.7 Exploring Optimum Volume and Surface Area
  8.8 Optimum Volume and Surface Area

Each chapter has Review, Self-Test, and Task (or Math Project).
Answers are at the end of book.

620 pages.