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The Big Book of Brain Games

The Big Book of Brain Games

The Big Book of Brain Games

Model: 9780761134664
Price: $37.95 CAD

The Big Book of Brain Games
Inside The Big Book of Brain Games, you will find a collection of 1,000 challenges, puzzles, riddles, illusions,originals and classics, it’s like salted peanuts for the brain. 
With jampacked pages and a full-color illustration for each entry, the book, opened anywhere, is a call to action. And it’s guaranteed to make you smarter!
Twelve basic categories include Geometry, Patterns, Numbers, Logic and Probability, and Perception. 
An easy-to-read key at the top of each game ranks its difficulty on a scale of 1 to 10, while indices in the back cross-reference the puzzles. 
Answers in the back .
For ages: 8 - adult