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Nelson Biology 11 University Preparation - Study Guide / Workbbook

Nelson Biology 11 University Preparation - Study Guide / Workbbook

Nelson Biology 11 University Preparation - Study Guide / Workbbook

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The  Nelson Biology 11 University Preparation - Study Guide / Workbbook supports the Ontario Ministry of Education
Course : Biology, Grade 11, University Prepration, Course Code: SBI3U 
It has these units and chapters:

Unit 1: Diversity of Living Things
Chapter 1: Understand Biodiversity
  1.1 Biodiversity - An Introduction
  1.2 The Nature of Classification
  1.3 Phylogeny and Modern Taxonomy
  1.4 Kingdoms and Domains
  1.5 Biology Journal: Birds - In a Class of their Own
Chapter 2: The Prokaryotes, Protists, and Viruses
  2.1 The Prokryotes: Eubacteria and Archaea
  2.2 Viruses, Viroids, and Prions
  2.3 The Protists
Chapter 3: The Fungi, Plants, and Animals
  3.1 The Fungi
  3.2 The Plants
  3.3 The Animals
  3.4 Explore an Issue in Biodiversity: Fisheries in Peril

Unit 2: Genetic Processes
Chapter 4: Heredity and Reproduction
  4.1 The Nature of Heredity
  4.2 Asexual Reproduction: Copies and Clones
  4.3 Sexual Reproduction: Adding Variety
  4.4 Abnormmal Meiosis and/or Fertilization
  4.5 Cytoplasmic Inheritance
Chapter 5: Mendelian Genetics - Patterns of Inheritance
  5.1 Mendelian Inheritance
  5.2 Variations in Heredity
  5.3 Pedigrees - Tracking Inheritance
  5.4 Biology Journal: The Gene Hunters
  5.5 Genetic Disorders
  5.6 Explore an Issue in Genetic Screening: Who Decides? Who Wants to Know?
  5.7 Multi-trait Inheritance
Chapter 6: Genetics Beyond Mendel
  6.1 DNA and the Code of Life
  6.2 Mutations
  6.3 Genomes
  6.4 Manipulating the Genome
  6.5 Gene Therapy
  6.6 Explore Applications in Genetics: Genetic Technology - The New Medicine

Unit 3: Evolution
Chapter 7: The Theory of Evolution
  7.1 Biology Change over Time
  7.2 The Evolution of an Idea
  7.3 Biology Journal: Voyage of the HMS Beagle
  7.4 The Evidence of Evolution
  7.5 On the Origin of Species
  7.6 The Modern Theory of Evolution
Chapter 8: The Origin of Species
  8.1 Natural Selection
  8.2 Speciation
  8.3 Patterns of Evolution
  8.4 Explore an Issue in Evolution: Avoiding Extinctions
  8.5 Marcoevolution
  8.6 Biology Journal: Tiktaalik - Triumph of a Theory
  8.7 Human Evolution

Unit 4: Animals: Structure and Function
Chapter 9: Nutrition and the Digestive System
  9.1 Why We Need to Eat
  9.2 What and How Much We Need to Eat
  9.3 Introducing Digestion
  9.4 Digestion in the Mouth and Stomach
  9.5 Digestion in the Small and Large Intenstines
  9.6 Nausea, Vomitting and Diarrhea
  9.7 Biology Journal: Scientific Detective Work
Chapter 10: The Respiratory System
  10.1 The Need for a Respiratory System
  10.2 Respiratory Structures and Processes
  10.3 Transport and Diffusion of Gases
  10.4 Interference with Gas Exchange
  10.5 Lung Transplants and Other Technologies
  10.6 Explore an Issue in Healthcare: Is Healthcare a Right, a Privilege, or a Responsibility?
Chapter 11: The Circulatory System
  11.1 The Need for a Circulatory System
  11.2 Blood: A Fluid Tissue
  11.3 Blood Vessels
  11.4 The Cardiac Cycle and Circulation
  11.5 Coronary Artery Disease
  11.6 Imaging: Looking through the Body
  11.7 Explore Applications of Technology in Diabetes Management: Technology for Insulin Delivery

Unit 5: Plants: Anatomy, Growth, and Function
Chapter 12: The Importance of Plants
  12.1 The Characteristics of Plants
  12.2 Leaves
  12.3 Stems
  12.4 Roots
  12.5 Transport in Vascular Plants
  12.6 Biology Journal: Biomimicry
  12.7 Explore Applications in Urban Greening: Improving City Life with Trees
Chapter 13: Succession, Reproduction, and Sustainability
  13.1 Succession
  13.2 Asexual Reproduction in Seed Plants
  13.3 Sexual Reproduction in Seed Plants
  13.4 Explore an Issue in Energy Alternatives: Biofuels
  13.5 Plants Growth and Development
  13.6 Control of Plant Growth and Development

For each chapter, there are Summary and Questions.
For each unit, there are Questions.
Answers are given at the end of the workbook.

222 pages, book size: 21.5 cm x 27.5 cm. x 1 cm