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Model: 86453006073
Price: $39.95 CAD


Medieval game of strategy and skills.
2 players game.

All solid wood game board and game pieces.
Each player start with a set of buildings and takes turns to place them on the game board until no player can place any more piece which then the game is over.

Key moves includes:
1. Enclose a part of the city (game board) formed with your buildings and/or the wall of the city (boundary of the game board). This enclosed area becomes yours and your opponent may not place any of his/her buildings within it. You cannot use the cathedral as part of your boundary to enclose the claimed space. (The cathedral is a neutral piece. It's a place of sanctuary and worship, was a focal point of the city in the Middle Ages.)
2. Enclose a part of the city with one and only one building of your opponent, you can remove it. If there is a cathedral in the enclosed area, then your opponent's building cannot be removed.

There are 28 buildings including the taverns, stables, inns,bridges, manors, squares, abbeys, infirmaries, castles, academies and 1 catheral.

For ages 8-108.