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Model: 3421271300724
Price: $39.95 CAD

A strategy game for 2 players. Pylos has won 17 international awards.

All wood game board and 30 wooden spheres play pieces in 2 finished shades, (a light and a dark brown finish). The square game board has 16 semi-spherical hollows on its flat surface and storage channels at its 4 boundaries to hold the spheres.

Each player chooses 15 spheres of one color shade and takes turns to place his spheres, one at a time on the game board or on top of other marbles that are already on the game board, and eventually the players build a pyramid of spheres. A player wins when the sphere on the top of the built pyramid is his/her sphere.

An opportunity arises when one or more squares, each square made of 4 marbles are formed on the board or at another level. A player can then choose to place one of his/her spheres on it by:
1. Taking a sphere from the storage channel on the game board and placing it on the board.
2. Taking a sphere from the storage channel on the game board and placing it on one of the squares of spheres.
3. Moving one of his/her spheres already on the board and placing it on a square of spheres, thus saving him/her from using his reserve of spheres on the storage channels and enabling him/her to prolong his/her ability to play.

Another opportunity is when a player makes a square of spheres in his own color, he then immediately takes back either one or two of his spheres from the board and put them in his storage channels, thus increasing his reserve of spheres.
P.S. A sphere on the board cannot be moved if it is already suppporting another sphere.

Recommended for ages 8 - 99.