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Filo / Design With Laces

Filo / Design With Laces

Filo / Design With Laces

Model: 8007905005705
Price: $31.95 CAD


Fun way to design with laces.
8 laces come in 4 different colors.
4 pens, any of each can be used to feed the lace in.4
The soft white rubber design board has 216 grip locations equally spaced out in 12 rows and 18 columns, thus forming a grid. Each grip location can secure the lace when the lace-fed pen is gently pushed onto that location. Thus a design can be made with the color laces as if it's drawing with a pen with the color lace as the ink.
18 designs shown in 9 doublle-sided cards. Come with carrying case to store all components.

Made in Italy by Quercetti.

Recommended for ages 4 - 104.